This Christina West Installation Places Screaming Dolls on Floors and Walls

 - Jul 17, 2011
References: cwestsculpture & sweet-station
Be prepared to hear more about Christina West, as her incredible installation involving white mannequins hung and laid in disturbing poses is sure to attract the attention of casual and hardcore art enthusiasts alike.

A self-described "people-watcher," Christina West is a masterful artist who specializes in creating human-sized sculptures of people she's seen. I'm in complete awe at the models in this installation: some of their facial expressions perfectly capture the look of horror, while others are sinister and calm.

Though this particular installation is morbid, Christina West actually has a wicked sense of humor as well. As explained on her website, "If you meet her and she stares at you a bit too long, she's probably just picturing you naked."

Implications - Consumers are fascinated with disturbing imagery, as it confronts them with their own mortality in an intellectually engaging manner. Corporations can similarly use macabre imagery in their promotional campaigns to effectively garner the attention of consumers.