These Choi Xooang Creations Are Downright Disturbing

 - May 22, 2011
References: & thisiscolossal
Through his extremely distorted representations of the human body, socially conscious artist and Seoul native Choi Xooang is attempting to draw attention to social immobility and more specifically, human rights abuses in Korea.

His painted polymer clay figures are nothing short of nightmarish yet they are remarkable. The sculpting of distorted concrete bodies is most certainly an usual art form; however, the social message that lies beneath these scupltures is powerful and undeniable.

According to Ki Hye-kyung, the Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, "A message he wants to convey through the exhibition is that our current condition is not caused merely by external elements." Choi’s concern with society’s pathological state and the way we silence ourselves and accept when others silence us is represented through the facelessness as well as desperate emotion conveyed by the body positions of the sculptures.

Choi Xooang and his faceless sculptures, although shocking and frightening, convey a strong anti-apathetic message and encourage people to not take freedom of expression for granted.