Try Not to Lose Your Lunch at the Semmelweiss Medical Museum

 - May 19, 2010
References: flickr & static.atlasobscura
The Semmelweiss Medical Museum is pretty bizarre. The museum is actually the old house of surgeon Ignac Semmelweiss, a renowned surgeon who was one of the first to advocate hand washing in his profession.

Semmelweiss was then known as ‘Mother’s Savior’ because he found the correlation between hand washing and the safety of baby delivery. Back then, surgeons wouldn’t wash their hands from a surgical procedure before proceeding with delivering babies. This would cause blood poisoning and often death in expectant mothers.

The Semmelweiss Medical Museum reflects Semmelweiss's greatest accomplishment with many grotesque and lifelike sculptures of birthing mothers and human entrails. This is definitely not an exhibit for the queasy and faint of heart!