From Enormous Elephant Buddies to Sculptured Elephant Gifts

 - Dec 18, 2012
The elephant, a mammal most prominently seen at the circus or out in the safari, is being commemorated in this list of elephant gifts and items.

Depending on which country you are in, elephants have different symbolic meanings. In the United States for example, the elephant is emblematic of the conservative Republican party while Hindu traditions interpret the elephant as symbolizing luck, fortune and protection. Considered to be very intelligent creatures known for their excellent memory, they have been known to inspire and imply power that goes far beyond simply being a creature of the wild.

Though elephants hold greater meaning to some more than others, these majestic creatures still make for adorable and aesthetically pleasing decor and accessory items. As you peruse through the list, it becomes easy to see why there are so many elephants gifts and items available on the market today.