Thai Elephants Paint on Canvas

 - Jan 13, 2008
References: elephantartgallery
It’s really incredible what elephants are capable of doing with their trunks, but did you know that by sending them to art school, they can actually learn how to paint portraits of each other?

Thai elephants have been trained to create unaided paintings of other elephants, on canvas. It only takes one day of assessment to know if an elephant has any potential artistic capabilities; if they do, they continue to be educated for about one week before they are considered ready for public demonstrations.

In the video, there is an elephant that, after five years of training, is so incredibly talented that an English artist traveled to Thailand to try to work with the elephant to create a gallery.

Considering how long elephants live, imagine what they could learn in 50 years of training! They could put human artists out of business.

So if you want to invest in art, maybe elephant art is where it will be at for future appreciation.

Check out the video!