From Elephant-Inspired Steampunked Vehicles to Mammoth Fashionistas

 - Dec 5, 2009   Updated: Mar 23 2011
As soon as they find a way to shrink an elephant down to dog-size, I'm totally getting one. In the meantime, these 40 Triumphant Trunks features show everything elephant related. There's steampunked elephant gas masks (no reason to wear a boring old regular gas mask), elephant-shaped vehicles, and elephants painted like pandas.

Implications - Elephants never forget; that said, it would be smart for businesses looking for new ways to innovate not to forget how appealing these big lumbering beasts can be. Even just the slightest hint of elephantine influence dramatically reinterprets what was otherwise just a regular product or design. The second you manage to combine a massive mammal with water skiing, for example, you've definitely thought outside the box.