Maple Technologies Pen Drive Ads are High-Capacity

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
It's unbelievable how small hard drives are becoming, so much so that they they can be completely dwarfed by the USB hookups themselves. These Maple Technologies Pen Drive ads demonstrate how much data such small gadgets can actually store.

Although it's impossible to quantify a cruise ship of Titanic proportions, or an enormous trunked mammal for that matter, it's safe to argue that when compared to the scale of a human being, or even a couple lines of HTML, these two ideas are absolutely huge.

The argument that the Percept/H advertising agency of India wishes to make is that big computer files, documents and programs can be stored on these handy little flash drives. Looking as though the USB sticks are sucking up the essence of these two unfortunate subjects, the Maple Technologies Pen Drive ads are quirky, but effective.