The Phill Restaurant by Nuca Studio Features a Whimsical Concept

 - Apr 20, 2012
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The Phill Restaurant by Nuca Studio features an imaginative and kid-friendly design. Showcasing an abundance of color, this gourmet cafe is located in the heart of Bucharest. The restaurant features a playground, activity room, casual cade and even a nursery. Designed by Robert Marin and the rest of the Nuca Studio team, this space fuses fun with function.

From organic design details to perforated and transparent wall openings, this restaurant features a strong design that encourages a continuous spacial flow. Standing at 4 meters tall, an oversized elephant sculpture serves as the space's main focal point, gaining attention from individuals of all ages.

The Phil Restaurant by Nuca Studios aims to create a kid-friendly space while using design details to separate the areas designated for children and adults.