From Carb-Loaded Memo Pads to Pita Pocket Purses

 - Jun 3, 2012
These bizarre bread concepts have redefined the way bakers and food enthusiasts conceive of flour, water and yeast combinations. The prototypical slices of white bread boasted by companies like Wonderbread have been side swept in place of unthinkable ingredients, mixing in rare vegetables and foreign spices.

Carb-loaded memo pads and pita pocket purses have revolutionized the delivery of baked goods. The rise of shows like 'Top Chef' have altered the mainstream perspective on the production of food, bringing about heightened expectations. Many of these products have in turn responded to these new demands, releasing tasty goods with luxury and entirely unusual additives.

Novel approaches to packaging have gone hand in hand with these atypical bread concepts. Whether it is humorous or 3D advertisements, teams of marketing experts have spearheaded a plethora of eye-catching ventures.