Fling Your Bread Across the Room With This Morning Must-Have

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: ivovos & amymlitt.wordpress
With this toaster, a part of Ivo Vos’s ‘Brunch’ collection, you can calibrate the force and angle of your toast’s ejection. It’s one in a series of prototypes for hyper-precise kitchen equipment from this Dutch designer and one man band.

The whole project, and just about everything else on his site, is intended to be a statement on (or more likely, against) Western obsession with perfection, precision, order, and the absurd anxiety around domestication. 

I’m totally in love with the idea of shooting your toast across the kitchen every morning, and I think the comic value and minor (really minor) practicality of the thing is probably working against its sober, conceptual intention.

Vos’ ‘Brunch’ project is an indictment, but I wouldn’t be surprised for a second to see a stainless steel Cuisinart toast-flinger, along with a handheld milk and sugar measurer, on sale at William Sonoma next year.

Coming soon to the Brunch line of defensive kitchen equipment: The OJ trebuchet. Heads up, honey!