Lean Dish by Jon Liow Prevents the Contamination of Comestibles

 - Sep 21, 2011
References: jonliow & yankodesign
Even though your breakfast will inevitably end up blended together in your belly, the Lean Dish by Jon Liow appeals to those with particular taste buds. Eating certain foods together might result in a less enjoyable mealtime experience, which is why this platter aims to keep your toast from contamination.

The upturned rectangular tray has been simply adjusted to feature a pair of raised ridges against which to lean your browned bread. Requiring two slices to be tilted towards each other for support, the system leaves little vulnerable to runny eggs and maple syrup.

Of course, if toast is the only fare on the menu, the Lean Dish by Jon Liow is still quite useful. This A-frame arrangement allows the bread to breathe, preventing its moisture against the plate to make your meal soggy.