Rice Design Plates and Bowls You Can Eat

 - Mar 29, 2008
References: dezeen
Sick of wasted paper, a Japanese chef specializes in making edible menus and tableware. We've featured these menus before. This is somewhat different, but the premise is similar.

Instead of using plastic bowls, plates and chopsticks, the tableware is made of hardtack which is a biscuit dough made of flour, water, and salt which, according to dezeen, was traditionally used in cases of food emergency by seamen.

Unlike bread made from regular flour, the biscuits are pretty durable and will last up to four months so long as they are kept in a dry place.

Rice Designs conceived the tableware and Koratt Bakery and Cafe produced. The tableware will be exhibited at Designing10 in Fukuoka, Japan, from April 25th to 29th.