Scoop by Quirky Aids with Portion Control and Preserve Application

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: quirky
Spreading jam onto a piece of toast is a seemingly simple task that often involves a surprising amount of mess and multiple eating utensils to undertake. The Scoop by Quirky streamlines the former and reduces the latter with a clever configuration that changes its shape.

When opened up, the ingenious implement reveals a flat rounded outline with seams of living hinges and lines to indicate teaspoon and tablespoon values. Its unfoldable feature makes it easy to store in a drawer and ideal for smearing pastes, preserves, icing and assorted condiments onto bread, cakes and other edible goods. This also makes cleaning it less complicated.

But when creased, the Scoop by Quirky takes a geometric spoon-like form, perfect for obtaining the above spreadables from jars and containers. The handy guidelines even allow you to measure your serving while you gather it, for the benefit of a recipe or personal portion control.