- Sep 3, 2018
When one talks about the August 2018 modern developments in art and design, a further determination is required due to the movement's vast scope. From the contemporary approach to home interiors that render the space often minimalist, clean-cut and with some type of playful feature to the highly experimental nature of furniture manufacturing that rewrites traditional methods altogether, a venture into the modern world is engaging, challenging and worthwhile.

In terms of interior design, Robitaille Curtis adds a highly dynamic and contemporary component to a home in Montréal that essentially boasts a usable trapeze-inspired atrium. In terms of furniture that pushes the boundaries of modern design, Italian creative Vincenzo De Cotiis' incredibly ambiguous, sculptural and one-of-a-kind collection is a must-see.

From Rainforest Tree Hotels to Marble-Imitating Foam Blocks: