Femme Atelier's Framemust Capsule References Door and Window Frames

 - Jul 10, 2018
References: redirect.viglink & design-milk
Mew Kamonwan and Lalita Kitchachanchaikul started the Bangkok-based design studio Femme Atelier and its latest Framemust collection reimagines everyday objects. The new collection looks for ways to explore day-to-day concepts from a different perspective. The Framemust experiments with traditional door and window framing in the new means of tables and stools. The furniture range is comprised of two tables and two stools in captivating hues. Each piece is constructed from aluminum materials as its base.

Similar to window and door frames, there is a panel of glass in between but in this case what sits in place is an acrylic case with gradient finishes done by UV print. The aluminum elements get a powder-coated layer to round the entire capsule together.