MIT's Self-Assembly Lab and Christophe Guberan Created Pneumatic Objects

 - Jul 19, 2018
References: & 3dprint
While there are some printed decor products for the home that are available to consumers—especially ones that offer customizable features—these objects can consume a lot of time, resources and money when it comes to making them.

MIT's Self-Assembly Lab collaborated with Swiss designer Christoph Guberan on an exhibition called 'Liquid to Air: Pneumatic Objects' that's on display at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York. This collection of design objects offers a look at pieces that are printed from a silicone material that can be inflated. The designs such as rubber wall lamps and rubber vessels were created with Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP), which adds a fourth dimension to the printing process.

Beyond printed decor, the Self-Assembly Lab also sees the potential for everything from airbags to emergency shelters to be created.