'LaunderPal' Intelligently Manages Clothing with Washer-Friendly RFID Tags

 - Jul 30, 2018
References: kickstarter
From artificially intelligent waste receptacles to IoT kitchen kettles, many must-have appliances within the home are getting smart makeovers and LaunderPal is now being introduced as the first-ever smart laundry basket.

While there are helpful laundry machines and detergents on the market that help to care for articles of clothing in the best way possible, much of the onus still falls on consumers to manually sort apparel to avoid shrinking, stretching, as well as colors fading or bleeding. LaunderPal works alongside a back-end server, washable RFID tags and a companion app to assist with the management of one's clothes.

With the app, users are easily able to see which pieces of their clothes are in the basket or not, as well as get assistance when it comes to sorting similar articles of clothing for washing.