From Gender-Bending Editorials to Utilitarian Unisex Uniforms

 - Jul 26, 2012
The abundance of atypical androgynous looks is only a testament to the evolving culture of fashion.

Fashion, which includes the clothing and model industry, is blurring the lines between genders. Men's wear is more slim, effeminate and made with soft material while women's wear is more rugged, baggy and aloof. In turn, models featured in editorials look more similar than different across the sexes. The tomboy girl and made-up guy compliment unisex fashion and alien-looking faces are vied for.

An important observation sees that with an evolving fashion, culture does too. The posh androgynous look carries over into society and is most obviously seen in hipster circles where such people are not afraid to take risks in how they present themselves.