These Assaad Awad Accessories are Assorted and Wild

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: assaadawad.prosite & schonmagazine
The Assaad Awad accessories have catered to the likes of Lady Gaga and Maya Hansen, and time and time again have delivered brazen eccentric takes on an ornamental headpiece theme. The seasonal and specialty Awad lines have toyed with the themes of sex, religion and even the praying mantis species, and by releasing designs for both men and women, these fashionable endeavors have all been done with a mind for androgyny.

The Awad pieces are unlike anything seen before. Somehow merging an eclectic assortment of pipes, metal and elongated spikes, the halo-esque crowns offer an entirely new perspective on the feasibility of headgear. While perhaps not ideal for humdrum affairs, the glistening structures are excellent options for film premieres and music videos, and have consequently resonated well with the celebrity crowd.