Point Counter Point in Contributor Magazine Stars David Agbodji

Model David Agbodji shows off his impeccable posture and stunning musculature for photographer Albert Watson for Point Counter Point in Contributor magazine. Stylist Robert Rydberg selected several pieces from Rick Owens that range from modern androgynous to 90s pop star.

Two of the shots in Point Counter Point feature Agbodji shirtless, contorting his body in poses that show off his flexibility. Others feature three-quarter-length trench coats, leather jackets and a fierce long coat emblazoned with a round print that's reminiscent of the 70s disco era.

Point Counter Point in Contributor magazine is captured in black and white, a choice that accentuates David Agbodji's flawless ebony skin and immaculate shaved edges at his hairline. The editorial is an artistic lesson in drama and restraint.