From Striking Samurai Photoshoots to Saree Fashion Spreads

 - Nov 6, 2012
Fashion often borrows from traditional multicultural garments to produce stunning international pieces that are then showcased in intriguing ethic fashion editorials.

Folk silhouettes are infused with modern flare and haute couture visions to create beautiful pieces that shows the costumes of the world in a new light. A kimono is not only a cloak for a picturesque Japanese Geisha, but a flowing fabric that clings to a woman's body like a soothing sheaf of silk. With the influence of a fashion designer, an African dashiki becomes a billowing dress laced with colorful geometric patterns.

Within this collection there are beautifully stylized ethic fashion editorials brimming with cultural motifs and folk garbs. As well as fashion pieces that are tweaked to bring together well-known Americana garments with enticing continental influence.