Beck Rocchi Uses Cultural Costuming to Capture Emotion and Strength

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: & bentrovatoblog
Emotion, character and life are three pieces that come together in the stunning photographs from the talented, young Beck Rocchi. Her brilliant photos blend tribal culture with western world beauty in a way that does both cultural entities incredible justice. The photos are almost outer-worldly in nature and convey a sense of hope in something outside of the human universe, a belief strongly held in the native cultures that Rocchi is clearly inspired by. The Australia native is inspired by mistakes and the course of life, and this is evident in her aesthetically alluring and thought-provoking portfolio.

Rocchi elaborates on her inspirations: "The world is a colourful place. I love capturing its beauty, its strength, its moments, its people. Movement, life, love, ambiance, personality, character, vibe... these are some elements which shine through my lens."

Implications - Consumers appreciate art that is inspired by diverse cultures as it links the many parts of the world together in a way that is beautiful and captivating. Companies can benefit from this by incorporating exotic elements in their products.