The Nadia Dafri 2012 Collection Compliments its Wearer

Nadia Dafri is a French fabric jewelry designer who recently unveiled her 2012 collection in a flutter of stunning photography. In a distinct African style, her pieces feature bright, colorful fractal patterns weaving intricately against one another.

The jewelry could easily be described as loud; however, such a statement would be misleading as Nadia Dafri tactfully and skillfully designed each piece in such a way that they compliment the human form rather than distract from it.

The photography should not go unnoticed either. The photographs frame Nadia Dafri’s work and her model in soft dark shades pierced by streams of light bouncing off the fabric jewelry in splashes of vibrant color.

This Nadia Dafri collection stands out without being obnoxious or pretentious.