Siouxzen Kang Captures the Chief Designer of House of Malakai

In this photoshoot by Los Angeles' Siouxzen Kang, she captures House of Malakai's chief designer in an amalgamate of the cultural gangster.

Traditional pieces mixed with exaggerated classic symbols, the looks feature a bandana, studs, gloves, chains, leather and feathers stylized as the key accessories in this photography series. Fashion that can be taken rather hard can also be seen as the perfect mix of edginess and couture. The amount of layering and styling of blacks mixed with the perfect punch of classic bold colors doubles the street wear as foolproof night clubbing wear. The images follow Malakai through an urban landscape as the audience become voyeurs in his urban mischief. Fashion this year will include a lot of accessorized layering and pops of colors to your usual black outfits.