From Bandana-Clad Editorials to Ornate Gangster Lookbooks

 - Jul 19, 2013
For those who love the look of edgy, dark and mysterious gangster rap videos, these editorials take the appeal of thug culture prominent in many hip-hop and rap videos and infuses it into these edgy, gangster photoshoots.

These mobster editorials take inspiration from all areas of gangster culture: dapper fedoras, vintage suits and even classic thug films like Scarface. Whether it's the appeal of being a crook, racking up mad cash, sporting layered gold chains, recklessly driving fast cars or never having to smile, being a gangster seems like a pretty bodacious career option where two days on the job are never the same.

From crook-inspired kid photography to faded gangster shoot, maybe these gangster rap editorials will inspire you to unleash your own hip-hop diva.