Wafrica Kimonos

 - Nov 18, 2008   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: wafrica.jp & boingboing.net
Wafrica's unique cross-cultural clothing line is comprised of traditional Japanese kimonos made from African fabrics. Wafrica is the brainchild of Serge Mouange, who is similarly well-traveled; Mouange was born in Cameroon, raised in Paris and now lives in Tokyo, according to the Wafrica website.

While the Wafrica kimonos retain every bit of their Japanese sensibilities, the bright traditional African patterns lend them a vibrance and energy that makes these stoic models come alive.

Implications - Combining different trends at once is a great way to attract consumers with different interests, especially in regards to fashion. With fashion trends constantly taking inspiration from different cultures, mixing two or more styles from different cultures results in a unique look that is bound to appeal to a wide range of people.