The Flaviyake Sunglasses Take Gender Reversal Seriously

 - May 10, 2012
References: flaviyake.wordpress
Flaviyake is an artist who resides in London. She has recently designed a pair of androgynous sunglasses and an owl bow tie for her music video 'Techno Love,' which is as eccentric and complex as the pieces. The song is about a person who "is not a boy and not a girl," and who can change its gender in the future as "life is a gadget," according to the song's lyrics. The theme ties in perfectly with the glasses Flaviyake is rocking.

With a background in fashion, Flaviyake designs accessories and outfits for her creative music videos which she makes by herself in her small London flat. She also applies ideas seen in meditations, which tie into her chosen lifestyle of creativity and artistic freedom.