- Jun 22, 2012
Although the country is often thought of as a vast, frozen tundra populated solely by moose and snowmen, there is, in fact, an urban Canada.

With a metropolitan population of 6 million, Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America. After Paris, France and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Montreal is the largest French-speaking urban center in the world. Although Vancouver is fairly small, it has consistently been rated as one of the most livable cities on Earth by the Economic Intelligence Report and Mercer.

Aside from Canada's three largest cities, places like Halifax, Calgary and Quebec city have their charms as well. And in the case of Calgary, they also have lots of money.

Just as the country once exported beaver pelts to fashion-savvy aristocrats long ago, urban Canada has been exporting popular culture en mass today -- just think: Deadmau5, Drake, Carly Rae Jepse and, of course, The Biebs.

From Toronto Street Captures to Drake Virals: