From Soda-Dispensing Taxis to Compact Automated Cabs

 - Mar 25, 2013
Taxis are one of those modern conveniences that serves to make life a bit easier for people on-the-go, and these creative taxi cab creations are revolutionizing these vehicles to become more practical, convenient and modern.

While ordinary taxis are simply regular automobiles that take people from one place to another, these creatively designed cabs however, are shaped in odd and usual ways with a variety of special features that serve to make the taxi-riding experience much more unique and out of the ordinary. From taxis that have soda vending machines in the back seat to cabs that resemble compact space pods, these eclectic and eye-catching cars are looking to offer customers much more than an average driving experience.

With the amount of taxi cab servies available, these over-the-top cab designs are a great way to draw in and attract new customers to their business.