Commuters Around the World Can Quench Their Thirst in the Cab Soda Dispenser

Convenience has become a necessity in the lives of many commuters around the world, and the New Orleans Carriage Cab company is offering a unique experience to its riders that you wont get in any other taxi.

The cab company has outfitted its taxis with soda dispensers to quench the thirst of its would-be patrons on those hot summer days. Similar to most soda dispensers, the cab dispenser runs on a pay-now basis, but unlike regular pop machines, the soda cans are placed at the back of the car's seat, so don't expect to get away with a free soda any time soon.

It was only a matter of time until someone came up with this novel idea of soda-dispensing vehicles -- pretty soon cabs won't be the only ones equipped with these convenient devices. At the current rate society is going, people will have grocery-dispensing subway carts soon enough.