The Trimoto Motorcycle Taxi Reduces Urban Congestion for Speedy Chauffeuring

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
The Trimoto Motorcycle Taxi has been optimized for the more common daytime cab journey by which only one or two people may be riding inside. The slender three-wheeled conveyance provides a more contained cockpit for the driver alone and room to snugly fit three passengers into the cabin behind.

A bench at the back can accommodate a pair quite cozily and a drop-down seat behind the operator can hold a third. Despite its inspiration from motorbike and scooter designs, this concept car is completely closed with a protective shell, doors and broad windows for wide views outside.

Designed by Jordan Gendler, Tom Lumley, Sam Lucas and Luke Robus, this automobile is compact and embodies and carries less weight for maximum efficiency. The 2014 Trimoto Motorcycle Taxi is also an electric vehicle, making it further desirable for eco-friendly transportation. Models with subtle differences have been adapted for London, San Francisco and Hong Kong.