The Vectus Personal Rapid Transit Takes You to Your Destination Comfortably

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: vectusprt & psfk
The Vectus Personal Rapid Transit system provides passengers a comfortable ride as they head to their intended destination. Long commutes or even short trips across the city can be strenuous as people become cramped on traditional public transit.

The space-pod design allows up to six travelers to traverse at a time inside a spacious, cozy cabin. The system is a hybrid between traditional subway lines and inner city taxis. Citizens can call for a shuttle to come pick them up if one is not already there at the station. Riders simply tell the system where they would like to go, hop in and let the roadster do the work. The Vectus Personal Rapid Transit system does not require additional operators and is fully automated by the passenger.

Not only does the system operate smoothly and effortlessly, it has also been designed with the possibility of breakdowns in mind. The shuttles can push one another in the case the one in front breaks down -- cutting down wait and maintenance times. The Vectus Personal Rapid Transit system is currently used in Sweden and coming to South Korean.