The Green Cab is a Silent, Emissions-Free Form of Transportation

 - Dec 6, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Hazman Malik's 'The Green Cab' is designed to reduce hazardous pollutants and keep the environment fresh and clean. The electric-powered vehicle has not been designed to offer a luxurious ride per se; instead, it's meant to be used as a simple tourist vehicle.

'The Green Cab' features onboard electric batteries that are recharged by solar and kinetic energy. See more images of Hazman Malik's concept above.

Implications - Many members of society today consider the environment and its deteriorating state a top priority in their lives. These eco-conscious consumers are constantly seeking out different ways in which they incorporate planet-preserving behaviors into their lifestyles. Companies will benefit by providing consumers with environmentally friendly products for a wide variety of activities and occasions through their lives.