- Sep 28, 2014
The top September 2014 unique ideas offer no shortage of bizarre, unexpected and -- at times -- completely outlandish products and services. Brands are pushing themselves more than ever to create the most unusual items for consumers.

This month ushers in a variety of oddities that can be experienced in many ways; some can be eaten, some can be rode and some can even be worn. Some of the most noteworthy items include the purple potato milkshakes from McDonald's that is available in Japan and the drinkable marijuana by Mirth Provisions that is actually legal.

Food brands are the only ones pushing boundaries when it comes to offering one-of-a-kind consumer experiences. Businesses such as the cat-operated pizza shops and the 8-bit karaoke provide consumers unforgettable niche experiences.

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From Cat-Operated Pizza Stores to Purple Potato Milkshakes: