The Model 1 by Lou Moria Lets You Clean Canvas by Cutting it Off

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: loumoria & dezeen
The Model 1 by Lou Moria is a canvas shoe with layers that can be cut away should they become dirty or damaged. The Israeli designer put multiple layers of beige canvas on the shoe, with more layers being added in places that see the most action. The cut lines are indicated by perforations, and once cut, the shoe is good as new.

The shoes are wildly simplistic, with coils of red rope used to create the outer sole. The Model 1 by Lou Moria can be cut and peeled even if the shoe isn't damaged. In fact, the designer encourages it as a way to personalize each pair. The Model 1 is actually part of a larger collection called the Last 21986, a set of shoes that can be modified by the wearer.