New York Restaurants are Revamping Government Mandated Choking Posters

 - Aug 25, 2014
References: online.wsj & juxtapoz
Fed up with having to display drab and boring government choking posters from the Department of Health, many New York restaurants are commissioning artists to create choking posters that match the look and feel of their restaurants.

Some choking posters tell a story, others are simply nice works of art, and some are downright bizarre, like the poster for Big Gay Ice Cream Shop that features Golden Girls star Bea Arthur giving the Heimlich maneuver to a unicorn.

Though New York codes state that Heimlich posters must be "drafted by the city," the posters do faithfully recreate all the information contained in the original government posters. It can even be argued that these colorful and sometimes humorous posters will have more of an impact, and are therefore more likely to be remembered.