Cyborg Unplug Guards Against Surveillance Devices for the Unusally Paranoid

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: & theverge
The number of surveillance devices appears to be increasing, especially as drone technology continues to take off; enter the Cyborg Unplug. It is a handy gadget that helps keep paranoia at bay. After all, no one wants to channel their inner conspiracy theorist--that could just lead to more trouble. The Cyborg Unplug simply plugs into an outlet and sounds an alarm whenever such surveillance devices are in the area.

More than that, the Cyborg Unplug prevents these devices from connecting to personal WiFi networks. The size of a tiny router, the Cyborg Unplug was designed by Julian Oliver, an artist living in Berlin. It even boasts an 'all out mode' that prevents devices from connecting to any WiFi networks in the surrounding area, which could be illegal.