Freshwater Software Separated Its Cold Callers in a Fishy Way

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: neatorama
Although now a defunct call center based in Boulder, Colorado, interior designers can take note from Freshwater Software's unusual aquarium desk divider when it comes to adding that je ne sais quoi quality in the office. Considering that many companies are opting for more open designs, this is a creative way to achieve that while still maintaining a semblance of privacy.

Created by a local carpenter, then the fish tanks by Jesse Damman, a professional aquarium maker, the aquarium desk divider serves both a decorative and practical purpose. Not to mention an entertaining one. Former employee Christina Gillman told the Daily Mail, "We had many types of fish, ranging from Cichilds, catfish, tiger fish, menos and much more. The tanks worked great, except when a fish died or jumped out of the tank."