- Oct 24, 2013
Incorporating a bold theme into a fashion spread is a great way to surround the clothing pieces with a story or concept, and these regal fashion editorials are some clever examples of how royalty and nobility can make fashion look superior.

While some people may associate nobility with the current royal family in Britain, monarchs and queens have existed for centuries now, and their traditional garments and attire have creatively seeped into modern day fashion. Since monarchs represent the head of state or government and royal families are often looked up to, their appearance and clothing often had to reflect their superior stature, showcasing such designs as ruffled clothing, abstract neck pieces and signature crowns. By incorporating those features into modern fashion, designers are able to showcase their clothing in a much more regal and traditional manner.

From modern monarch editorials to retro queen fashion, these regal fashion spreads are offering a glimpse into the sophisticated style that monarchs and royals wore back in the day.

From Regal Rocker Editorials to Ritzy Regal Photoshoots: