- Dec 15, 2011
For those looking for a memorable Christmas gift that shows how much you care about the person, these fantastic examples of personalized branding are a good source of inspiration on how to make presents customized. Companies are finding ways to make customers feel special and unique, which explains why they're willing to offer customizable options for a variety of products.

There are many ways to add a little personal touch to presents. From engraving to customized packaging, enterprises offer buyers the possibility to alter designs to incorporate personal elements that will make customers feel closer to the brand and the product. For instance, there's name engraving for alcohol bottles and iPods, customizable Christmas paper and personalized board games, among others.

Check out these ideas on personalized branding to see how companies are finding ways to attract buyers; you might also find the perfect holiday present.

From Customized Luxury Chocolates to Customized Cartoon Branding: