YouBar Build-A-Bar

 - Mar 3, 2008
References: youbars & uncrate
Remember the customized cereal, MyMuesli? That’s great for eating at home, but for picky eaters wanting to choose what they eat on the go too, there are now energy bars to you create yourself!

The YouBar Build-A-Bar lets you customize the granola bar to your taste, with whatever grains, fruits, nuts or goodies like chocolate that you want. The nutrition bars are made by hand and include only that which you decide you want.

You get to choose the base (which can be crunchy, salted, organic or raw), sweeteners (honey, agave nectar, Splenda, stevia, organic brown rice syrup, molasses), fruits, berries, grains (granola, nutty rice cereal, organic oat bran), nuts (salted, roasted, raw, organic), seeds, protein powders (egg white, soy, rice, whey), seasonings and treats (carob, semi-sweet chocolate chips, coffee crystals, ground cinnamon or peppermint oil) and last but not least, infusions (fiber, vita-min, greens infusion).

If that’s not cool enough, you also get to help create the wrapper, choosing everything from colouring to what it says, and even what the bar is named.

The site is geared directly at health freaks. To top off the cool factor of the bar construction process, you get to see a nutritional breakdown of the concoction you’ve build, so you have an idea of the fats, carbs, proteins and calories your tailor made treat will give you.

The Bianca Bar would have a salty cashew butter base, crispy rice cereal, organic soy nuts and raw almonds, organic acai and goji berries, sweetened with agave nectar, infused with the Spirulina greens, and to make it really random and unique, coffee crystals as a finishing touch.

The Bianca Bar, according to the site, would have about 219 calories, 14g of fat, 20g carbs and 6g of protein.