Personalized Beer Labels

 - Feb 7, 2007
Tuborg, a Danish beer brewering company has come up with a very interesting (and in my opinion very trendy) idea. Personalized beer labels. They allow consumers to personalize (or tune) their beer bottles with whatever image you want to use.

This suggests me ideas for birthdays, the almost here Valentine's Day, friends celebrations, name it... Word of mouth is going to be the way this wonderful idea is going to spread out like a viral program on the internet... e-mails, sms, etc...I am convinced very soon many other beer making companies (yes, I know you are reading, American beer producers...hahaha) will adopt this innovative and revolutionary idea of BEER LABEL PERSONALISATION.

But I want to make this very clear: the one and only that came out with this nice idea is Tuborg, from Denmark.