uFlavor Offers Carbonated Refreshments Customized for Your Tastebuds

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: uflavor & ubergizmo
Nowadays you can personalize a lot of things, from the cover of your laptop to the design of your sneakers. Indianapolis-based start-up uFlavor is taking this pattern one step further by offering consumers custom-made pop beverages. Anyone can go online and create what they think makes a wonderful drink, design the label and in a few days, their drinkable creation will be shipped to their homes.

uFlavor aims to have vending machines available in the next year or so that will mix and bottle a custom beverage on the spot. These inventive pop machines will allow customers to log in and browse their past creations and search for new flavors created by other people. The ambitious start-up aims for more than just a transient piece and wants to merge the power of social networking to create a beverage-sharing community in which people share ideas and benefit from designing products.

Flavors that become popular and frequently requested will -- just like viral videos on YouTube -- create some revenue for the designer. There is no doubt that some atrocious flavors will spin out of this idea, but with the incentive of some revenue, a delicious new pop is just waiting to be discovered!

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