From Printable Paper Devices to Edible Recipe Pages

 - May 8, 2012
In a world of throwaway devices that exist in a time when tactile objects are virtually non-existent, a series of parchment-inspired products are a nod to a time when things were a little less high-tech.

Despite being among one of the least environmentally friendly methods of noting important events, there is something somewhat romantic about the ability to hold something permanent and tangible in one's hand.

With such a strong emphasis being placed on developing 3D technology, it is interesting to take note of artists and designers who are reverting back to 2D ideas, such as the Norma Kamali FW 2012 Collection runway show that featured paper models. It has also become common to mix the past with present as evidenced by the number of printable electronic devices that have hit the market as of late.