Origamic Architecture by Yee Features World Famous Buildings

 - Dec 25, 2011
References: yeesjob & gizfactory
Reconstructing three dimensional landmarks from paper is no easy task, and nobody can match the precision and master craftsmanship of origamic architecture by Yee. This up-and-coming artist is following in the footsteps of the founder of origamic architecture Masahiro Chatani, who abruptly passed away in 2008.

When examining the orgamic architecture by Yee, it is hard to ignore the fine detail and intricate designs in the artists' recreations of world renowned landmarks. Creating three dimensional pieces out of two dimensional materials requires the skill and acumen of a master architect, which Yee seems to have a bountiful amount of. The origami landmarks are all created using white folding paper; each lack color so not to confuse viewers with decoration taking precedence over forms and shapes.

There is no doubt Yee is a talented artist, but can he eclipse the reputation of the undisputed master/founder of the artform, Masahiro Chatani? Only time will tell.