The Star Chair by Michael Samoriz is a Crafty Addition to Any Interior

 - Feb 3, 2012
There is so much overlap between different fields of design that it should be no surprise to ponder what form the Star Chair by Michael Samoriz has taken. Looking like a scaled-up version of an intricate papercraft piece, this contemporary seating object references the delicate creations one can make with his own two hands on a tabletop.

It's unlikely that this magnified furnishing would be constructed from a paper product, but its appearance suggests otherwise. The flat and crisply creased surfaces are manufactured from matte black and white material and small slits beneath the seat of the chair produce the illusion of precise folds. What's more, the Star Chair by Michael Samoriz is supported entirely on three pointy corners that broaden into dynamic geometric shapes, just as their miniature counterparts do.