Rachel Ashe Modifies Books Into Intricate Nature-Themed Papercrafts

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: rachaelashe & illusion.scene360
Rachel Ashe describes herself as an, "altered book artist," and you’ll instantly understand what she means by that once you lay your eyes on these pictures. Ashe literally modifies novels through scribbling on pages, adding various trinkets and, most impressively, folding the pages into intricate patterns evocative of origami. If this is the direction papercrafts is heading in, I’m sure art lovers everywhere will approve.

Rachel Ashe is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and she’s also a photographer and mixed-media collage maker. She crafts her altered-books using various motifs, though she generally gravitates toward nature. For example, the talented artist has an altered-book series on her Flickr page dedicated entirely to owls, while another one of her novel creations features bones deeply embedded into its pages.

If you’re interested in creating your own altered-book, Rachel Ashe actually offers workshops for adults in the Vancouver and Seattle area.