Michel Keck Forms the Faces of Dogs Using Leftover Materials

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: michelkeck & dog-milk
Michel Keck has taken the simple elementary school activity of collage-making and elevated it to new levels of artistry. Using canines as her muses, she matches and glues scraps of paper to form realistic looking portraits of a variety of dogs. Though viewers know the technical skill in making these artworks is considerably high, the materials Keck uses to fashion each piece is evocative of projects more commonly seen hung on refrigerators. The sense of irony in these magnificent creations is simply off the charts.

Michel Keck doesn’t leave all the detail work to the pages of old magazines or advertisements either. Audiences will notice she outlines each piece in order to better convey each canine's contours. Making collages similar to these definitely requires a special kind of talent.