‘One Piece at a Time' Showcases a Paper Car by Jonathan Brand

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: todayandtomorrow.net
The story surrounding the paper car from Jonathan Brand’s ‘One Piece at a Time’ has an equally intriguing back story to the art. The paper car depicted is a 1969 Mustang, one that must have been Brand's pride and joy, although he sold it to purchase a diamond ring for his then girlfriend. One Piece at a Time is Brand’s recreation of this beloved ‘69 Pony by using folded paper to build a 3D paper rendering of this once-loved car.

The details of the paper car were recreated mostly by Brand’s memory rather than pictures, which illustrate how much he cared for his car. One Piece at a Time was created, well, one piece at a time, and rather than putting the car together, Brand has decided to maintain the authenticity of his project by leaving several pieces separate.