These Gracki Illustrations are Witty and Casual

 - May 6, 2012
References: lostateminor & lostateminor
Almost everyone has casually doodled on a notebook or scrap piece of paper to pass the time; however, such drawings rarely are as clever as these Gracki illustrations.

For instance, one doodle depicts a revolver pistol with its barrel ponting to the right of the page (from the viewer's point of view). To the right of the barrel are crumpled pieces of colored paper that resemble little flowers. This creates the illusion that the doodled gun is shooting petals of paper.

In a similar vein, another doodle portrays a pinata with its stomach broken and similarly leaking out crumpled pieces of colored paper.

Gracki's drawings illustrate that art need not always be about heavy themes or obscure esoteric messages; it can sometimes just be fun.